Griffin’s move to the cloud using hosted desktop was a success, improving efficiency and enabling remote work.


Griffin is a growing company that has opened up many new branches in recent years. This has led to a workforce that is spread out over a large geographic area. As a result, Griffin was looking for a solution that would allow its employees to work more efficiently, regardless of their location.

The company’s current IT infrastructure was not designed to support a remote workforce. The on-premises servers were located in a single location, which made it difficult for employees to access them from outside the office.


After evaluating a number of different options, Griffin decided to move to the cloud using hosted desktop. Hosted desktop is a cloud-based computing service that provides users with a remote desktop environment. This means that users can access their desktop environment and applications from any device with an internet connection.

The solution also included a number of features that were important to Griffin, such as security, reliability and the ability to create new users easily and manage permissions.


Moving to the cloud has had a number of benefits for Griffin. First, it has allowed employees to work remotely. This has been a major advantage, as it has allowed employees to work from home, from co-working spaces, or from anywhere else with an internet connection.

Second, moving to the cloud has allowed Griffin to hot desk. Hot desking is a practice where employees share desks and workspaces. This is a cost-effective way to use office space, and it has also allowed Griffin to be more flexible with its workforce.

Third, moving to the cloud has improved Griffin’s security posture. Cloud-based hosted desktop solutions are typically more secure than traditional on-premises solutions. This is because cloud providers have a team of security experts who are constantly monitoring and updating their security systems.

Overall, moving to the cloud has been a success for Griffin. It has allowed the company to work more efficiently, regardless of location.

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